The impossible Quiz

This quiz is impossible.  prove me wrong.  Remember to Spam The Start Button. (Click the image)

Push and Shove

Now this one is relatively simple (to play and make), hold space to dodge the evil balls. Also, you can use you mouse to aim.  No, not the thing running around on the floor, the thing you (probably) used to navigate this page. Anyway here it is… (Please click the image)

Genius or no genius

Is the apple genius bar actually smart?  The apple genius bar is supposed to help you with your phone problems and fix your screens.  However, sometimes they can be kinda stupid.  For example I brought in a phone with a cracked screen and they said “sorry I can’t fix that.”  Please comment if you think they…


Name almost says it all, control the brush with W A S D, use arrow keys to select colour (or color depending on where you live.) There is also a clear button, but who would want to get rid of that amazing artwork?   As always, just click the image.

Funny gaming quotes

“I don’t need a life I have lots of lives” “Gamers don’t die they respawn” ” I can’t keep calm I’m a gamer”

Astroid Evader

We hope there is enough to keep you happy until the next game!  This one is very simple and fun just like all the other ones!  Press space to shoot the laser and use WASD to move around.  SHOOT TO KILL! (Please click this image)

We Have Launched

Up Up and Away!! The site is now up and games are coming! Look at the countdown on the side of the screen (on a computer) to get more details on when Games Are Coming.  It’s pretty exciting right?  This blog also has Game Reviews and Ramdom Posts.